Ventura Bike Pack System for Kawasaki Z800

The Ventura Bike Pack System for Kawasaki Z800 is waterproof and easy to assemble, with clear instructions and easy to understand. There are different bags with different volumes, design and features

For the Kawasaki Z800 2013 is available: the kit is priced at € 157.67 including VAT, the aide high priced at € 57.12 including VAT, the aide low priced at € 50.46 VAT included and the passenger grab handle offer at a price of € 16.54 including VAT.

Here are some of the bags that are compatible:

Ventura bag Suzuka is at a price of € 59.69 including VAT, Ventura bag Bathurst at a price of € 89.19 including VAT, Ventura bag Arrow-1 at a price of € 81.19 VAT included, bag Ventura Sport-Pack II at the price of € 32.19 VAT included, bag Ventura Aero-Delta VII at the price of € 90.00 VAT included, bag Ventura Aero-Spada VII at the price of € 120.19 including VAT, bag Ventura Aero-Rally III at the price of € 108 , 90 including VAT, the Mistral Ventura bag at the price of € 183.90 including VAT, the bag Ventura Bora at the price of € 136.37 including VAT and the tank bag Jarama tank bag for the price of € 75.00 including VAT.

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