For the manufacture it is the second so configured after the launch of Vertu Ti, earlier this year. As each handset Constellation is handmade by a single craftsman in Hampshire headquarters.



The model boasts the largest piece of sapphire crystal that has ever been used on a smartphone making it almost indestructible. The frame is molded in grade 5 titanium and is wrapped in the embrace of exquisite calfskin, crafted by one of the oldest tanneries in Europe and available in five different colors: black, beige, brown, orange and pink.

The result is a high quality device, very nice to look at. The technical specifications are more humble and not jaw-dropping, since they are the standard ones. Manca, for example, has a 4G connectivity, but is not the only deficiency compared to the most advanced models.

Available at some selected Vertu boutiques starting this month and is offered at a price of 4,900 €.

In exchange for the spending you get a phone designed using high-performance materials combined with excellent finishes. The Constellation combines in a single device design, material luxury, class and exclusivity.

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