As the taste of people everywhere have evolved and become more exposed to varying products and cuisines, gourmet markets have increased in number across the globe. These stores are also learning to adapt to an ever evolving clientele. What do people who prefer the finer things in life actually look for in these types of supermarkets today?

Fresh Matters Most

Studies show that garden-fresh fruits and vegetables are becoming more in-demand compared to low price, natural, non-GMO, local, or organic produce. Customers want their veggies and fruits to be as fresh as possible.


Prepared Foods

With more people not having enough time to prepare their own meals, packed salads and ready-to-eat sandwiches or soups are gaining popularity. And because consumers want their food to have only the freshest ingredients, gourmet supermarkets are becoming a more popular place to grab a quick bite. As a result, some stores have included more prepared foods in their selections.

In-Store Brands or Specialty Products

Whether it is a special sauce made in-house or freshly baked goods, more customers are looking for gourmet products that proudly carry the brand of the store. These items are usually made in-house or are produced by a partner and are repacked and labelled in the supermarket.


A Mix of Old and New

Millennials are a growing market that gourmet supermarkets are looking to tap, especially with the rise in competition. In order to attract the younger crowd, some stores have learned to innovate or introduce something new. For example, some have added cafes or restaurants where customers can grab a packed salad from the grocery aisles and eat it there. They also make it a point to introduce new dishes to their menus while making sure to still serve their specialities or best-sellers. Some have also made it a point to advertise items that are cheaper in their supermarket compared to that in competitors’.