The beach cruiser bicycle or simply cruiser bicycle was a popular ride in the 1950s, and made great comeback. Its long handlebars, long wheelbase, and cushioned seat make the cruiser a very comfortable ride, even long ones, as the rider can sit upright. Its wide wheels make it a smooth ride over sand and gravel, hence the name beach cruiser.

The cruiser is one of the best choice for cyclers being a stylish, comfortable and durable ride. Since there’s a bunch of cruisers out there, it proves helpful to learn a couple of tricks to get the best cruiser your money can buy.


Find the Right Size

When riding the cruiser, you need to sitting in upright position. The bike has to match your size or else it won’t be as comfortable to maneuver as it should. There’s no need for expensive fitting, though. Cruisers come in a wide range of sizes so there should be a size that fits you perfectly. They also come in separate designs for men and women. Generally, the step over and seat heights are lower for women. Also, there are cruisers for adults and kids. It pays to test out a unit and make several rounds to check on its level of comfort and maneuverability.

Choose the Right Gear

Gears on a cruiser can vary, depending on your requirements. You can pick single, three, six or seven speed gear for your bike. Consider your routes and your bike routines. If biking around for some fresh air is all you need, a single or three-speed bike is ideal. If you want speed go for a cruiser with a higher speed capability.

A single speed cruiser is the classic beach cruiser bike with a traditional coaster brake, which is also called foot brake or back pedal brake. It isn’t for uphill or downhill rides, but is a great bike along the beach and running short distance errands around the neighborhood.

A multispeed cruiser usually has front and rear hand brakes, and a derailleur or gear hub for selecting speed. It’s adaptable for uphill-downhill rides and for those that require speed. It offers a more comfortable ride than a single speed cruiser, as it doesn’t have much resistance.


Pick the Right Make

Cruisers may come in steel or aluminum. Steel frames are heavier than aluminum, prone to rust, but generally cheaper. Aluminum frames are lightweight, come with high-end components, and do not rust. They’re relatively expensive, too. Serious riders usually choose an aluminum cruiser bike, which is great value for money in the long term.