When planning a big move, many peoples’ instincts tell them to hire a large and prominent removalist company, without worrying too much about where they’re based. What such people tend to forget are the strings attached when choosing a service that could be based in a locale distant from their own. Sure, their credentials may be impressive, but for a process as stressful as moving into a new home, you’ll want to feel as comfortable as possible around the people lugging your possessions from place to place. For this purpose, local removalists are often the better choice. Local based companies like Your Local Movers (www.yourlocalmovers.com.au) would be ideal, and the same could be said of any individual in any city.


With a local company, the moving process can almost be an exciting experience. With an outsider, though, this is often the most stressful part of an already stressful situation, whether it’s because they arrive late or struggle to navigate an unknown city. It’s obviously going to take a little longer to develop a trusting relationship with an unfamiliar company, so consider saving yourself the hassle by approaching someone nearby. The local company will also be familiar with the area, which could make the entire ordeal faster and more straightforward, particularly in terms of getting to you and then to your destination. Plus, it’s always nice to support your local community; hiring local contractors is a great way to do this.

Moving out

Moving out


Moving costs are usually cheaper with a local removalist. Many companies will charge you an hourly rate for their removalists’ travelling, so the journey an out-of-town business has to embark on to get to you in the first place could be costly for you. Also, the time saved thanks to the company knowing the area could also translate into financial savings if the movers end up spending less hours on your move.


Local movers are more likely to be able to alter their methods if your needs vary throughout the process. Additionally, a local company’s reputation in the area is more crucial than it is for a company from elsewhere, so they will be more motivated to do a great job. It is hard workers who will promise you a smooth transition and their upmost support every step of the way. This fact alone takes some of the stress away from you and, as a result, you’ll be able to face moving locations level-headedly.

Ultimately, you are paying a removalist to make your life easier during the big move, which is why choosing someone local should be a priority. Moving is a collaborative effort, so whether you end up hiring a large company or a small one, it all comes down to how you work as a team. Have you had experiences with a local removalist, a removal company from somewhere else, or both? What advantages or disadvantages did you notice? If you have any advice for anyone who is currently planning to move and considering their removalist options, please share it in the comments below. You may just help make someone’s moving process that little bit less stressful!

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